Optherium has inked a deal with Coinbene, a leading digital currency exchange

Optherium has inked a deal with Coinbene, a leading digital currency exchange

Optherium’s VivusPay and Coinbene Digital Currency Exchange

Optherium™ has inked a deal with Coinbene, a leading digital currency exchange with more than one million active users, to list the OPEX token and promote the use of VivusPay™ as a secure wallet for users’ digital assets. The deal is the first step on the path toward revolutionizing the global digital economy, making it safe, fast, and easier to use. OPEX will officially be listed on the Coinbene exchange in Q4 2018.


VivusPay from Optherium Labs: The Future of Digital Payment, Today

VivusPay™ leverages Optherium’s private blockchain Ecosystem to achieve unprecedented speed and multiple layers of security, and packages it in a user-friendly platform that enables near-instant multicurrency payments across borders.

At a glance:
– VivusPay™ digital wallet offers MultiSecure crypto-to-fiat/fiat-to-crypto transactions worldwide.
– Supports more than 100,000 multisignature transactions per second, secured by Dynamic Biometrics™ verification.
– VivusPay leverages Optherium's MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network™ known as the Ecosystem to revolutionize digital payments.
– Coinbene digital currency exchange to list OPEX token and promote use of VivusPay


VivusPay Digital Wallet

Optherium Labs, the global fintech company that is redefining the digital economy with its Ecosystem of private blockchain services, has released the first of many groundbreaking products. Optherium’s VivusPay is the mobile application that will change digital payments forever.


Download VivusPay

Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.optherium.wallet


VivusPay’s features include:

– Near-instant cross-border transactions: Pay anyone, anywhere in the snap of a finger.
– Multicurrency transactions: Pay in your preferred currency, crypto or fiat, while the recipient receives theirs.
– The fastest transaction platform yet: VivusPay supports more than 100,000 multisignature transactions per second.
– MultiSecure technology: Your wallet is locked down using your Dynamic Biometrics and a thorough Know Your Customer protocol.
– Key Recovery Service: Never lose your asserts again! Lost or stolen key? No problem! Optherium can reconstitute your compromised wallet and restore ALL your assets.


VivusPay’s Fast and Secure Multicurrency Transactions

How does VivusPay work? It all starts with Optherium’s Ecosystem, a MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network. Layered channels of private blockchains leverage the lightning fast Hyperledger Fabric for combined speeds of more than 100,000 transactions per second.

VivusPay also brings together a combination of the Ecosystem’s services, including the Wallet Provider Service, Know Your Customer (KYC) service, and Key Recovery Service, to create a MultiSecure environment that protects you against the loss and theft of your digital assets.

Finally, VivusPay relies on Optherium’s digital currency – the OPEX token – to instantly convert crypto-to-fiat and vice versa. If a user wants to pay another user in Bitcoin, but the second user only wants U.S. dollars, the OPEX token acts as a seamless bridge. The buyer spends Bitcoin, and the seller receives dollars, blissfully unaware of the OPEX conversion that occurs between them.

VivusPay blends speed, security, and ease of use in a way that is critical to the long-term success of the digital economy. What’s happening under the hood is complex, but VivusPay makes taking advantage of the high-powered Optherium Ecosystem a super user-friendly experience.

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